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Overian cyst

I found this network and curious.just think that its health related and can find helpful infos.I'm unmarried.more often I face abdominal pain at my period.but recently its awful..I appointed with a gp and done some test.my ultrasound report says I have overian cyst..two in right overy and one in left overy.I'm so worried about it and also my future marrital life..I done a test name C125 blood test.its also called tumour marker test..its reault is 221 U/ml. I think its not good..can anyone have any idea about this result? now I have no pain.but when my cycle will come I again face it.don't know what to do.

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I had a 7cm mass encompassing my ovary and tube. They also did a c125 for cancer markers and I got 175. They explained that the slightly elevated number could just be the cyst and that one c125 result in isolation isn't that indicative and it's better to see what happens to the value months apart to see if it's stable or going up.

I had a lap to remove the mass with a general gynaecologist where I lost the ovary and tube. At the time they thought it was endometriosis. Has anyone suggested it maybe endo to you?

If not have a google for the symptoms and if it sounds like endo then push for a bgse appointment with a specialist in endo from your GP. If you have cysts on your ovaries and want children in the future I'd go with an expert surgeon who would have had better training and experience than a general gynaecologist.

I still wonder if I had gone to a better surgeon whether I would still have my ovary.


Hi sfarzana. Sorry to hear this, but I'm sure you will get a referral to a specialist to do further investigations to see what type of cysts they are, so you can get treatment soon. Thinking of you and I hope you don't have to wait too long before a decision is made about treatment. Diane


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