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Embryologist Called - Feel deflated!


Not sure how everyone manages to stay so positive......

I had 15 follicles and they retrieved 13 eggs. Today they've said only 10 of those were mature enough to inject (we're having ICSI) n n. N. and only 7 had fertilised this morning.

I feel like my little stash has been whittled down so quickly to less than half and I feel like I'm a failure already.

Cycle 1 - we had 11 eggs and, 9 fertilised, put back 1 on D5, the rest deteriorated too much to freeze

Cycle 2 - we had 7 eggs and 6 fertilised, put back 2 envies on D3, the rest were already too poor by D4 so none to freeze again

Feel like it's not as successful as the first round already and really struggling to see the upside.....

I was so positive this morning and in one phone call I feel knocked down 😩

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But if not of those 7 deteriorate.... you won't feel so fed up! Keep positive... it's a rough game; but your not out yet xx

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Thanks Emu.... you're right. I know you're right and yet I still feel low. It's just the worry and the unknown. I'm still pretty tired and sore and the hormones as well. I'm sure once it's had time to sink in a bit more or we move to the next step it will seem less important. I just hate feeling negative.

Can't wait to hear your scan news btw. How long til that happens??

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My cycle (though donor eggs) saw 15 eggs; 10 fertilised & only 2 (put back in) made it! :( keep the hope. But don't beat yourself up for low days!

Scan is on 14th. Can't wait. Now I'm in the crappy low feelings that it's not worked anymore. 11 days to go... X

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I'm so pleased for you. I suppose the worrying doesn't stop just when you get a BFP though does it. 14th is not sooo far away now although I'm sure it feels like ages. I'll keep everything crossed for you!

Ive just recently done a full icsi cycle they got 12 eggs 7 fertilised, 2 made it to day 5 had both of them transferred and im now 4 weeks pregnant so there is hope stay positive good luck xx


I was told that you will always

Lose st least 50% of eggs between retrieval and day 3

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Wish I'd been told that at the beginning. Might have saved some heart ache. The unit are a bit rubbish on information and what to expect tbh.

Try not to feel too down. You've got some strong ones so try to stay positive about that. It's hard I know. x

Chin up! I felt similar to you and actually was expecting the worst, but in the end had 2 to put back and 1 to freeze. As the ladies on here have always said: quality over quantity. There is nothing to say that the remaining eggs don't all develop into perfect, strong embryos. Please don't stress and take note of all the fabulous stories of low egg numbers that have been resounding successes! Good luck xxx

Thanks Country Cat!

Definitely quality over quantity, my first round I got 15 eggs and In the end only had 1 moderate embryo to transfer and none to freeze and now this round I had 25 eggs collected at day 3 about 14 looked top quality but by day 5 I had one transferred and only one to freeze and now Im just over 9 weeks pregnant, so in my case only 3 out of 40 eggs were any good! Xx

Wow congratulations! So pleased it was successful. Good to know I'm not alone with a significant drop off rate!

Awww dear i think you have a good chances.stay hopeful.i had 11eggs first cycle but by transfer time not too good.bfn.last cycle had 4 eggs .arrrggggh.by transfer time only one was good .bfn.im all geared for 3rd cycle.As tired as i am of this ivf i just cant give up hope.Its all i have.HOPE.my miracle will happen.i look forward to the day i test pregnant.

Stay positive and keep hoping.They say it only takes one.so keep believing your 'one' is coming.😊

Try to stay positive! I think we all have high hopes for lots of eggs so we have lots of chances so it's only natural to feel this way! Things are going well, try to keep the faith!!xx

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