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New beginnings ahead

My husband and I are currently waiting to see a fertility specialist to hopefully be put forward for ivf, I have had endometriosis for about 10 years and have had an induced menopause to help symptoms,

Can anyone enlighten me into the process of our first appointment with the specialist and then what happens next?

Currently having a very emotional time with so many people announcing pregnancies and wishing it was us, it gets tougher every time someone asks when we are having kids or why we don't have them yet

Thank you to anyone who replies x

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Everyone on here is so lovely friendly and helpful,

I'm currently awaiting to see my consultant on 9th may for my 2nd attempt of ivf.

Everyone on here is going through the same or have gone through it so you've come to the right place,

Are you private or NHS funding,

Can't really remember what I did in my first one as it was 6 years ago and private, but I'm sure you have blood test then they check them and go through your options,

NHS I've had to have all the test before I was approved so I'm not 100% sure what to expect on the 9th I think I have to have more blood test for them to decide my treatment,

Wish you all the luck with your ivf journey l, feel free to message me at any time on here xx 🍀🍀

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Thank you so much, I hope everything goes well for you,

I've had my ovulation bloods by my gp and I'm ovulating and my husband has had his semen analysis and everything is good and normal, we are going through the NHS at present,

I'm excited about our new journey but also upset that it has come to this x


I have/had hydrosalpinx after my first failed attempt I had to have a tube remove, then I gave up for 6 years and went through the NHS and they did bloods etc scan and found I had hydrosalpinx in my other tube so had another operation and they clipped this one, my journey on the NHS had taken over a year due to lost blood test wrong blood test, having To have the opt , then being amune to rubella, lots of delays but finally on track,

When's your appointment?

Thanks I'm excited too I've got a book - me myself and ivf (think that's what it's called) and milestone cards this time t do along my journey, but I'm also stressing and all the rest that comes with it,



You have certainly been through a lot so far, it's amazing how strong we can all be. I'll have a look it for that book,

Our appointment was last week by they cancelled it so I'm awaiting a new appointment being sent out, I work in the same hospital so have them my extension for a cancellation appointment too


It was on etsy, just make sure if you use it to filter to buy from U.K otherwise your get America and Australia ones and there postage is mega expensive!

It's a cute book to feel in, I'll try find the link and send it to you,

I sure have but they say good things come to those that wait, and I certainly have waited lol,

There's loads of strong ladies on here,

Shame you appointment was cancelled, hopefully your get your new one soon, and be able to start your journey xx


Hi and welcome.

We had about 4 appointments before starting ivf. It seems like a long drawn out process but it does give you the opportunity to ask all your questions. You can keyword search the forum from the main page which helps when you have a specific question and you can guarantee is been asked by at least twenty different people at various times.

I have endo aswell but it was mainly ignored during ivf although I got some pain in my kidney area when drinking the recommended 3 litres of water a day during injections and some cramping during the period after down regulation that had me off work for two days. Maybe ask how they plan to manage the endo during ivf? Guessing since you've been in chemical menopause it must be quite severe endo and the ivf process may get the endo flaring up.

Since it was only a few weeks and no worse than a normal life with endo I just fought on through ivf so it can be done.

Good luck x


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