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9DP5DT Advise


I'm new to this website and am looking for some advise please!

I'm on day 9 after my day 5 blastocyst transfer (on 30th March), but have started bleeding this morning, with some painful on off cramps.

This is my first round of IVF, up until now I haven't had any issues, only syptoms have been really tender boobs, up until a day a go, and a little cramping!

I'm scared this my period arriving (3days Early) and this is my body rejecting this attempt !

I'm due to home test on Tuesday (11th) and trying to hold out until then!

Advise would be greatly appreciated!



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hi Hannah, easier said than done but try not to worry. I was bleeding at 8dp5dt (brown mainly which is old blood) and waited until day 9 to test which was positive. I had cramps too and can be due to progesterone or just your little embie(s) getting comfy. Try and rest if you can and drink plenty. Hope everything ok xx

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Thanks for your reply Louisear, I'm trying not to but you know what it's like, hormones all over the place! 🙈 I spoke to my clinic who told me to up my progesterone as my levels could be low I've got my fingers crossed it's that and the bleeding will stop, going to try and hold out to test until the day (Tuesday). Thanks for your advise xx


Bleeding in the 2ww can be quite common but of course u are going to be worried.try and rest up if u can.ur clinic should have an off duty number to call if they are closed over weekend if u want some reassurance from a medical professional.otherwise I would ring them 1st thing Monday. Fingers crossed that u get your BFP on Tuesday!! xxx


Thanks for your reply and the lovely advise 72cloud9! I have spoken to my clinic as they have an out of hours number, told me to up my progesterone and that should stop it, if not will have to go in for a blood test Monday! Just trying not to worry and rest up for now! Thanks xx

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