8 weeks update on twins!!! πŸ’ž

Last two weeks have been filled with small ups and downs, joy and fear, laughter and tears (I seem to well up for anything!), symptoms coming and going, and my best friend nausea... but today's scan showed two happy beanies with strong heartbeats!! πŸ’“πŸ’“ Beanie A is still ahead but beanie B is catching up despite being camera shy πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ My ob tried to get a good look at B with the internal scan but had to resort to the abdominal one to get good measurements and to listen to the heartbeat - what joy!! It is still early days but working hard to stay positive and have faith πŸ˜„β€ Even ob went speechless and said it is very rare to see twins in my age bracket... long may this continue, next step 10week scan and Harmony test. Good vibes, hugs and baby dust to everyone regardless in what stage of the journey you are right now! xoxo

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  • That's lovely 😊 Well done 😊

  • Wow great news all year best to you and the twins xxxx

  • What amazing news!! :)

  • I love this - great news nesfin! x x x

  • Fantastic news x Keep us updatted. Its good to hear the success stories x

  • Lovely news, double congratulations ❀️❀️

  • Great news!! 😍

  • Aw Nesfin, sooo exciting! I'm so pleased for you. Massive congrats Mama! 😊 xxx

  • Amazing!!! Congratulations! xx

  • I'm so so pleased all went well Nesfin. That's incrediable. Stay blessed, take care and enjoy these moments.

  • Lovely! x

  • Wow....grt news ...Congratulations.

  • Oh how lovely, double beanies. Delighted all is going well for you xxx

  • Great news, keep us updated!! Xx

  • Wonderful x

  • Aww just lovely xxx

  • Congratulations!! How exciting! Xx

  • Wow so happy for you Nesfin. You one of my favourite ladies on here so I'm thrilled for you Gosh twins it's amazing. Look after yourself and Bill and Bob. Lol that's what I've named my 2 blastocysts xxx

  • That is an absolutely lovely thing to say Buffy, thank you ❀ I wish you all the best and hope you'll have a blast with Bill and Bob lol!! xoxo

  • I am a bit scared if I do have twins mind..My OH keeps winding me up and say they might both have divided so we could end up with 4!!Can you imagine?!I politely ask him to shut up πŸ˜‚xx

  • It is scary to be honest, the practicalities are overwhelming.. but imagine four lol that is funny! At least he's not saying triplets each, imagine twelve little legs playing footie inside of you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OMG!! xoxo

  • Lol it's all bit too much to comprehend πŸ˜‚xx

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