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Luteal phase!

Hello all

Have just discovered this page and it looks like a fab resource. I have had all the usual fertility tests, all normal but it does appear that my luteal phase is short. It's a difficult area as I can see that some doctors do not believe it to be a problem. We have been TTC for two years. At the moment I'm having monthly ovitrelle injections which seems to have increased my luteal phase to 9/10 days. We are on the IVF waiting list.

Just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation?

Any thoughts gratefully received! Thank you x

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Replying yo myself here, but seems like most people here are perhaps already on their IVF journeys. Is there anything you did/ read etc that helped you with this!? Be great to hear from some of you! Thank you


My friend had a short luteal phase of around 10 days. She takes Vitex now which is a natural supplement. Her luteal phase is now approximately 12 days. She's been ttc over a year and just a couple of months ago got pregnant but unfortunately it was ectopic 🙁


Ah thanks so much for your reply. Oh that must have been so hard for your friend. I had been reading about vitex very recently but saw that it can interfere with fertility medications so perhaps not for me right now . Thanks so much for your reply.

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