Advice needed for40yr old

Hi Everyone

My husband and I have only been trying for about 5 months, but am concerned that I will be nearly 41 in a couple of months and have had no luck. Have done most tests which have shown I'm ok for my age (except not done HSG Fallopian tube test to see if blockages).

Grateful for advice whether I should start a treatment to test where any issues are, or delay treatment by having tubes checked out first ( even if it means delaying another month of natural or assisted conception.

Main concern is how quickly my results can deteriorate given my age, and want at least to have 2 treatments before 42 if needed, given further deterioration in fertility is likely.



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  • Not really sure what to advise to be honest but my only advise would be your fertility can dwindle really fast!! I was only 36 when my amh was at 4.8 by the time I had my treatment at 38 my amh had gone down to 1.6. I was so shocked!! We've just stopped treatment. You say you've had some tests done - do you know your amh level? X

  • If you are leaning towards assisted conception then I wouldn't bother checking your tubes as they aren't need for treatment to work. I haven't been investigated as it's my husband that had a low sperm count so straight to treatment. As Katya advised it's your AMH levels that might give an indicator of your fertility. My embryologist said that after 36 egg reserves and quality plummet!! Has your husband been investigated?xx

  • I second everything Cinderella5 has said I was the same as her, due to my partners sperm count being low, it was straight to icsi! Anxvyou don't need your tubes for that.

    Good luck what ever you decide xx

  • I was told at 39 that no point to check tubes as normal periods, no previous gynae history or abdominal surgery. Due to my age then just needed to go down ivf route. My AMH dropped from 24 to 15 in under a year so it's worth getting on with things as soon as possible. Good luck. X

  • Hi there,

    I turn 42 on wed so same age. We had been trying for over a year and started with a fertility clinic beginning of this year. We've had 5 failed iui and our first round of ivf in Dec was successful. We will be 8 weeks next week. My suggestion would to not waste any time and look into reputable clinics in your area. This things can be very time consuming.

    Good luck keep us posted :)

  • Ladies. Thanks so much for the advice and good wishes. I will seriously look into booking a treatment soon (was looking at potentially early February).

    Nbigland- great result. Thanks for sharing.

    does anyone know at what points to reduce stress levels when going through these treatments to help make it more successful ( I.e am assuming after embryo transfer need to keep things as stress free as possible, but wanted to check). We had plans to move home but may delay the move well after the treatment if needed.

  • Hello hon! sorry you've been through this. I agree that every month matters so if you're ready to apply for IVF there is no need to worry about your tubes, only amh level and if it's high enough you may even try ivf with your own eggs. and about stress, you know it's very often harmful for a healthy person and if you're going to have a baby you need to think twice before doing your usual things. but you know it would be better for you to stay calm as long as possible and maybe it would be better to delay your move at least for a short time. wish you all the best !!!

  • Thanks for the advice mannamay. Appreciated.xx

  • Hi, I understand exactly what are you feeling it how it to count every minute in your life. We are in the same situatinon and trying to get pregnant. But unfortunately we failed few cycles of ivfs and I'm loosing my faith. We've tied in one clinic but just wasted time and money. We are stuck and don't know what to do next. I'm also worried about my age, i'm not too young anymore and have poor chances I know. So you see you are not alone here. I believe we could find support here.

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