Update on Removal of Polyp

Hi all.... just a quick update, so the wife had the polyp removed without GA. they removed it successfully but bless her, she was brave throughout. Still in abut of pain but as no major surgery was done, they also performed an endometrial scratch too. According to the consultant, this helps (and tends to be more effecftive) with FET.

We now have a protocol appointment for FET. Has anyone had a protocal so soon after? I guess our consultant is looking at this as an opportunity to do FET before a possible polyp returns ( as it could at anytime).

Generally if done with GA the "recovery time " advised is 4/6 weeks but theirs no indication that we need to wait.

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  • Yes my transfer was v soon after my polyp removal - basically the very next cycle - as the endo scratch is supposed to help make your lining grow back thicker so they like to use that for the transfer. I'm 7 weeks so far so it worked for me. Good luck to you and your wife!

  • Hi Sipidania, congratulations so exciting. Can I ask how many embryos did you decide to put back having done the endo scratch?

  • We chose to put two back in - as we had 6 in the freezer so thought it was worth throwing everything at it on the first attempt. I'm sad for our Frostie that didn't get this far but also hoping that natural selection means the fittest strongest one is the one that's holding on :-)

  • Thank you... that's very positive to read but will remain calm

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