BFP but still worrisome :')

So I got a BFP this morning! So at least one of our little beans they put in on the 25th stuck! I'm a bit worried though as yesterday my mild cramps have started to turn into quite fierce ones. :( Is that normal? All just above my pubic bone. Seems to come in waves. My husband suggested maybe it's because both embryos are in there it mau be more intense than before? No idea if that's true. No blood though so I should be able to rest at ease a bit now right?

After last time I just want to get to the scan so they can tell me it's ok.

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  • Congratulation!!!

    It's natural to feel like this KittyK just enjoy this moment. I'm not at this stage yet but I've read that the pessaries can do this.

    IVF is a hard journey and until the baby is placed in your arms I don't think we will stop worrying.

    Sending you a huge pat on the back well done 😘 Xxxxxx

  • Thank you Lucy. Yeah may be right. I spoke to the nurse this morning and she said sometimes the cramps can get worse as even this early in things are stretching and your kidneys/bladder are affected by the hormones etc. I'm just so worried we'll get to that 7 week scan and have lost it like last time but going to try and relax and not worry - easier said than done lol the nurse just said if they get really sharp instead of throbbing or I have a lot of blood then call xxx fingers crossed this is it now. Did you rver find out if your lady got pregnant? I know my first one did but I haven't heard about my second lady yet xxx

  • I don't want to ask until I'm finished our journey. I have my action scan tomorrow and am bricking it as last time my follicles were developing slowly. Last time I was high as a kite now I am very "quiet" if that make sense.

    I honesty get that your nervous I would just take each day as it comes and ride the emotions.

    I have everything crossed for you.


  • Congratulations Kitty! What lovely news. As Lucy said it is natural to feel worried after everything you have been through to get here. From what I have read I think it is normal to feel some cramps but if you are worried then could you call your clinic for some advice?

    Take care of yourself and congratulations again xx

  • Thank you :) the cramps are quite throbbing if that makes sense but she said as long as I dont have lots of blood or the pains turn sharp then don't worry. She said to give them a call if I need to. Thank you again :)

  • Just wanted to say congratulations kitty k!!xxxx

  • Thanks so much! I hope it's it this time xxx

  • Congratulations and good luck for a healthy baby, or two! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you!! Xxx

  • Hi Kittyk,

    I also got a bfp this week on Monday and have been doing lots of worrying so can kind of relate in that respect. Unlike yourself I have had bleeding well more spotting now but it's making me question whether everything is still ok. I had been bleeding prior to the bfp so I honestly thought that it was game over so was so suprised when it was positive. My clinic said for my peace of mind I could do a home test in 10 days to check everything is ok and following that it's just a case of waiting for the scan-mines 29th Dec. I thought the 2ww was bad-I've never wished away Christmas before but I totally am. I hope your ok-I am trying to rest as much as possible as that's what I keep being told to do but the resting just makes your mind go into overdrive. It's weird but the feeling sick, backache and weird boobs is actually comforting me as I feel happy that the symptoms are still there even if I do feel a bit crap. Xxx

  • It's horrid isn't it? The not knowing. I had some spotting in my 2ww but nothing this week. I've not got any symptoms yet. When did you start feeling your symptoms? It sounds like we are quite close. Im just dreading getting to that scan and finding we've lost it again. I'm wishing away Christmas too lol

    I just spoke to the nurse and she said the throbbing cramps are ok and a little spotting but if I get a lot and sharp pains then I should call apparently. Maybe if I feel some symptoms I'll feel a bit more secure too. Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Yes I hate the not knowing-it feels really cruel. I've been having a niggly kind of feeling kind of round my ovaries I think-I'm guessing. I started spotting last weds then early Sunday morning and during the day I had like a period so went through a few pads which was why I thought I'd have a negative on the Monday but then since late Monday I've had spotting which shows most times I go to the loo and I've not worn a pad today as I didn't have anything on it yesterday (hope it's not wishful thinking). The symptoms have been happening in various kind of stages not all at the same time to be honest. I think the sick feeling started last week-I nearly threw up twice but thought nothing of it but now it just sits like a lump in my throat is how I can describe it really. It gets worse just after eating. My back was sore last week but really hit me in the last 4 or so days, boobs wise it's been the last couple of days-it's more the nipple area that's weird and they just feel like lumps. I've been feeling very tired in the last week I would say-fell asleep in the daytime yesterday and had an early night too. The constant weeing has also been happening for about a week. I don't think everyone gets the symptoms though and sometimes symptoms can continue after miscarriage which is what happened to me last time which is why it plays with your mind so much. I just so hope it's positive for both of us hun as we've come so far already. When's your test date? Xx

  • Oh gosh i see you're having quite a time of it then! I think this period is the hardest as even if you did go to the hospital, it's too small to see anything so they can't really help you feel better. I think the symptoms sound like a good sign. The first thing they asked me last time was have you had any nausea and I said no, they immediately gave me this worried look and sure enough at the scan last time we'd lost the pregnancy. So I think the nausea is good.

    I'm weeing a lot but aside from that and these mega cramps I'm ok. Going to be along Christmas. I'll be thinking of you. Everything crossed xxx

  • Yep definitely going to be a long month that's for sure. Will be thinking of you too xx

  • I'm the same - I'm due my 6 week scan today and every time I feel a bit queasy or my boobs hurt I feel excited! πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations hun 😊

  • Thank you <3

  • Many many congratulations. Way to go.

    I think if I was in your situation I also would be constantly worrying (currently in 2ww). I don't think that worry goes away to be honest and a lot is to do with how much ladies have gone through on their journeys. You worry when you have a twinge and then you worry when you don't.

    Try and relax. Take it easy. Easy to say isn't it!!!!!!

    Keep us informed of your journey :-)

  • Hi DC. That is SO true. During me 2ww I worried I felt nothing during implantation and now I'm worried I'm feeling it lol

    Thank you. Hopefully we can kiss his crappy year good bye and start a better one with good news next year. Good luck for your BFP! Xxx

  • Oh I so hope so. We have had 6 failed ICSI rounds and this is our first go at DE.

    I am hoping we might get a BFP but you just do not know until you actually have the HCG test. What will be will be but trying to remain positive.

    Let us know how you get on re your scan etc. When will that be 7 weeks?

  • Congratualtions kittyk! Hoping it all goes well in the coming weeks/months for you xx

  • Thank you hun. I'm already angsting over this pain in my belly lol going to be a long Christmas haha x

  • Congratulations hope u have a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you. I hope this is it this time xxx

  • Wooohooo congrats babez and yes the pains ur feeling are normal try 2 relax i no harder said then over the moon for u πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜† x x x

  • Thank you I will try. I'm an anxious person as it is without all the added stress lol I notice it gets especially bad if I sit upright so I have to slouch at my desk at work. Do you reckon that's right? Xx

  • Babe it all soundz normal my sister also had cramp like she was beein stabbed with her twins..if ur home and it gets 2 much lay on ur left side it realy helps and try 2 keep ur tummy warm that help 2..its a hard road uv been down so emotional u will worry with pains and if no pains how long for ur fiest scan 2 put ur mind at rest ?? X xx

  • Congratulations x

  • Thank you :)

  • Congrats xx it's tough this bit I won't lie!' I had cramps too, felt like my period was coming! Very scary.. The only way I got through it was to keep testing every few days and watch the lines get darker! Good luck stay strong xx

  • I used a digital blue one and it said 2-3 weeks? I might get a few more lol when we lost it last time they seemed shocked that we only tested that one day?

    Oh really it felt like that for you too? That's a relief, that's what it feels like to me too. If I sit upright in my desk chair at work it gets more intense too?

    Thank you I appreciate it. I feel a bit better now lol will have to get a pillow for my work chair maybe x

  • Glad u feel better xx I actually ended up in a and e with very severe pain at 6 weeks, and I was bleeding so I thought I was miscarrying but it was a UTI!!! Baby was fine!! So please don't worry X 2-3 on a digi is great 😊 Mine went up to 3+at 6 weeks xx

  • Hey bump wanted long time how are u doing x x x

  • Very big congratulations sweetheart. Best wishes for

  • Thank you sweetheart fingers crossed x

  • Oh congratulations!!! I'm so pleased for you!! I know it's a long journey from here by try to take it step by step and most importantly, enjoy it :) xx

  • Thank you!! I will try be patient it seems like such a long time til the scan lol

  • Congratulations! As everyone else has said cramp twinge type pains seem to be relatively common. My ovaries felt like they were sore for a few days which was really stressing me out but apparently that can be a response to the progesterone I'm on. It's my 6 week scan today - like you I am kind of wishing Christmas away this year as just want to get to 12 weeks at end of January! Best of luck the next few weeks x

  • All the best for your scan today!! Can I ask which progesterone that you are on? I've had the weird ovary type of pain too. Xxx

  • Thank you! Glad to hear it's relatively normal. sometimes it's like a deep throbbing pain and sometimes light twinges. Seems to get worse when sitting down or in the afternoon. Weird. Fingers crossed for you :D xxxx

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