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Thinking about 2nd IVF advice??

Hi after my recent IVF didn't work out, dh and I have decided to take a break until new year. We plan to go on holiday over Xmas. I'm on a round of letrozole as consultant said I may as well try it for this cycle. Then I'm back into pill if unsuccessful for a couple of months as part of long protocol.

Any tips for second time around? Any thing I should request to do differently? Etc

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Hi 1aa2bb3cc. Probably a good idea to have a nice holiday over the Christmas period - clinics are quiet then too. I do have a couple of lists of questions I could send you if you want. There just may be a couple you hadn't thought of asking. If you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send them to you. Good luck and enjoy your hols! Diane


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