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IVF 2nd time round! Confused!

Hi all,

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.

I had a consultation a week ago almost (doesn't time fly by!!) and discussed the protocol which the consultant says that I would be going on. I had ISCI last time on long protocol but cannot for the life of me remember the dr/stim meds that I took.

The consultant mentioned Menopur and Buserulin, but I think I'm confusing myself with each one. Can any of you lovely ladies help me out to get my head around it!? Which medication is used for which part of the cycle and what are the typical mg injections taken per day?

I know everyone is different but the more I read the more confused I'm getting over it! To say it will be my 2nd go I should really know, but it was a number of years ago and a memory I would rather not have.

Thank you in advance

Donna :D

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Hi Donna, I was on Buserelin and menopur as well. Buserelin is the down reg part and the Menopur is the stims. The dosage of menopur varies from person to person. I was on the top dosage as I have low AMH. Think I was on 0.5ml of Buserelin a day. Considering I was only injecting 2 months ago; I've forgotten a lot already! Good luck with your 2nd cycle, I hope you get a BFP x


Thank you for your wishes! I honestly don't remember anything much from the previous cycle, other than the blip on the screen of our embryo. Hope all is well for you x


Hi donna, i have just had my 2nd cycle. I was on the long protocol and 0.5ml buserulin daily and after 2 weeks started menopur at 450mg daily as it is the higher dose and my doc wanted to get as many follicles as poss as it was our last go on the nhs. I ended up over stimulating which wasnt good but thankfully by following my docs i managed to reduce it down before my transfer day so they were happy to implant 2 embryos. Currently on my 2 ww and so nervous. Hope everything goes well for you, good luck xx


Thank you Sam!

That makes sense I think, so 2 weeks buserelin then onto both.. I'm so looking forward to the injections again.

Can I ask if it was your choice to have 2 embryos placed back? Good luck Hun, got my fingers and toes crossed for you x


Thank you. To be honest i thought it was going to be 1 again as i had asked the docs in our appts and he said it would prob be one so whether or not they wanted to increase my chances hopefully or because i have had my bday since our first go so im a year older i honestly dont know. I didnt mind though, im just really, really hoping we finally get our bfp otherwise i dont know what i will do. I kind of don't want to do the test incase of dissapointment if im honest, the thought of seeing another negative is just making me want to break down into tears but im trying to keep positive. I just hate the not knowing. Good luck with everything though xx


I completely understand and get that, I'm really positive this time round but there's still a niggle that if it doesn't work it'll emotional drain me. I'm 27 and not sure whether I would get offered 2 or the standard 1?

PMA, a good book and some relaxation is needed; you have to believe it has worked! Good luck! Xx


I was really positive to begin with but the more pain i get off an on it slowly chips away at my positivity. Im 37 just gone so that may be why they put 2 in. I think if you have grade a embryos at 5dt then they will probably put 1 back. It all depends on the quality of your embryos before they decide. How many did you have implanted last time? X


I know it's hard but relax and try to stay calm, it could be implantation pains X

Last time I had 1 viable to be used, going from 17 to 7 then 5 then 1 was heartbreaking, with no real reason either. I've moved clinics this time and feeling a lot better over it all, even though it still really Overwhelming xx


I am trying. Sometimes are easier than others thats all. Are you paying privately then? We had ours done through the nhs, couldnt afford private. We had 20 collected this time, 13 were mature to be used and then we had 7 that were fertilising. We had 2 implanted and have 3 frozen which were borderline so fingers crossed we wont need them but if we do then i hope they are ok to use. Its worse as my husband starts a new job next week where he will be away abit more than his last job so if we could get our bfp this time it would be such blessing for us. Im sure you wil be lucky this time xx


We are private this time as after almost 2 years of fighting the system I couldn't take the knock backs anymore. I do feel more protective and enthusiastic this time though, just seems the right time to go ahead. I have everything crossed for you, hoping it to be lucky all round for your husband and his new job and the start to your family :)

I need to speak to my consultant get all the info to get fully started and get my meds, been calling around a few places but because I don't 100% know the doses or needles they wouldn't tell me. Was starting to get frustrated with it X


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