In Cyprus now got 12 DE

In Cyprus now got 12 DE

Well we arrived here Friday and so far has been pleasant experience. Hotel is lovely and clinic is good. We were at the hospital yesterday and OH did his bit I had scan and lining is 11.something so the doctor is very pleased. We get a call Tuesday to tell us how many fertilised then all being well blasto transfer up to 3 embryos Friday ! The waiting and nerves don't stop but the sunshine helps!

Pic is view from balcony 😁

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  • Glad all going well! Everything crossed for u xxx

  • Best of luck xx

  • Glad to hear everything is going to plan! Must be a bit daunting being away from home and nor speaking the language bit sounds like you're bother being taken care of that view is just lush! Hope you are relaxing and managing to enjoy it!! Lots of luck!xx

  • Actually we are finding it less stressful than our cycle we had in UK. We are much more chilled and everyone speaks English so it's good 😁

  • That's great then! Being chilled out can only be a good thing!xx

  • Glad to hear all is going well, looks lovely x

  • Way to go. So exciting xxx

  • Good luck! Xx

  • Good luck blondyboo really hope it works our for you. Are you allowed to be in the sun?xx

  • Yes up to transfer day I can go in pool and sun but after that shade and book ☺️ We fly home the day after x

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