Advice on acupuncture and herbal remedies please

Hi everyone I'm Carla I'm 35 and new on here. 1.5 years ago I had to have 1 of my Fallopian tubes removed due to a blockage Possibly caused by pod (not definite) They managed to unblock my remaining tube successfully but it was badly damaged.

Last week I had a follow up Hsg and there was no spillage so my remaining tube has blocked again. I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to discuss what's next but the doctor thinks Ivf will be the only option.

I have been looking at natural ways to try and unblock the tube and have heard some success stories from Serrapeptase, Vitex and various Chinese teas, I am also interested in trying acupuncture.

Does anyone have any advice or info on any of these practices. There's so much info and I'm really panicking now, I have no children and it's putting enormous strain on my relationship. Thanks!πŸ˜•

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  • Hi Carla I've tried acupuncture and really enjoy it as it's helps to keep me calm and relaxed and gives you time to focus on yourself, Im hoping it's also helping to re balance hormone levels as I have low ovarian reserve, I can't really offer much help for blocked tubes but I am sure someone on here will. I know how hard it is on a relationship it is a huge strain but you just have to focus on the fact that you have options at this stage with ifv so don't lose hope it's great to vent get advice on here when you need it xxx

  • Thanks for the advice. Il definitely give it a try xxx

  • Hello, like nmill ive been having acupuncture to help promote ovulation and also post ovulation as I have low egg reserve too. It at least helps me keep positive as I feel like I'm doing something positive. I also see a medical herbalist - strangely I suddenly feel much better since seeing her - I feel stronger and more positive/balanced. I'm sure I've read about helping tubes through herbal medicine - I really would give that a try. If anything, both will just make you feel more relaxed and like you're doing everything you can to help yourself!xx

  • If you are in the UK you can search for an acupuncturist through the British acupuncture council and find local practices in your area it can get pricey so I go every 3 to 4 weeks and pay Β£70 (Ave london prices) for 1 to 2 hrs my acupuncturist practices in accident Chinese medicine and also combines other holistic treatment like massage we also chat so bit of a therapy session you can also pick an acupuncturist that specialises in fertility, I'm doesn't but best advice call a few places speak to a few people and hopefully you will get a good vibe from one xxx

  • Hi sorry to read you are having a tough time. I have been having reflexology and reiki to aid my chances of conception and think it is one of the best things I've done for my health. My hormones are balanced and I now ovulate from both sides and extra benefits of better digestion, skin etc. I've been TTC for many years now but I believe the end is in sight for me. If you live east of England id be happy to recommend my lovely lady to you

    Best of luck

  • I'm in the North East. This sound like something I definitely want to try. Thanks!

  • Hi, I've had both tubes removed due to fluid. I started reflexology after but wish i'd started it before as it can unblock tubes. I'm now awaiting a fet after a chemical with my first ivf cycle and have started accupuncture as well. Going tonight! Finf reflexology far more relaxing than accupuncture but going to mix both on this round. If you look for reflexology people make sure they specialise in fertility, same with accupuncture x

  • Thanks so much I will definitely look into reflexology. It's somethings I know nothing about. Good luck with your journey x

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