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Bloods back and levels have dropped not meant to be, we will try again but first having uNK Cell test. HOPING our miracle will come xx

Went for 2nd lot of bloods today and had the call that my levels had dropped in half so now have to stop medication and we will try again. We have 2 Frosties left and before treatment we are going for the uNK Cell test. We have to know we give them every chance and I have had many tests done but not this one and we will do anything and everything to get our miracle.

Keeping positive and hoping for our miracle.

Thankyou so much for all your support it means so much to all be on our journeys together.

Wishing you all lots of luck on your journeys.

Many thanks

Kelly xx

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Sorry kelly, hugs ❤️


So so sorry to hear this kelly, gutted for you 😔 I really hope you get some answers and one of your Frosties is the miracle you so deserve xx


So sorry to hear that sweetheart. I know the feeling as I have been there. For me the worst part was wsiting for that second phone call to tell you that your hormone levels have dropped. Try and stay strong my love. Look to the future and those frozen embies. Hugs xxx


Sorry to hear this sadly I have been in this position so know how you feel. Take care xxx


Kelly I'm so sorry to read this. Sending lots of love to you. Take care of yourself and take some time out for now. We will get our miracles my love, just keep wishing and hoping and praying. Thinking of you x x x


I'm so sorry to hear this sad news kelly and I'm thinking of you. Can't even begin to imagine the horror you must be going through.

I think it is very positive to have tests done. I had my nk cell blood test done last month and its come up higher than normal range ie under 10%. I paid around £300 for this to be done at a private clinic prior to our appointment at an NHS fertility clinic as I wanted to have this ruled out before embarking on any fertility treatment. For 5 years it was labeled "unexplained". Why the NHS do not recommend this test I do not know. If we had been advised to have this test we would've paid and had it done years ago and may have had a baby by now but no point on dwelling over the past.

All the best Hun hope everything goes ok X


I'm so sorry, I've also been in the same situation having had 3 chemicals with fertility treatments. It is awful Hun, so big hugs sent your way.

Just wanted to say I had my uterine NK cells tested at Coventry last year after my third early MC and mine came back mega high (so very abnormal). Sadly had another chemical with the recommended treatment of steroids from transfer, but about to have another fresh cycle of IVF.

I'm also going to have intralipids I think... Throw everything at it as this will be our final go.

I wish you much luck for the future and hope you get some answer in regards to the NK cells x


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