Burselin injections

Hi all, I am now well underway with my burselin injections . I am having IVF with a donor egg and started my first burselin injection on day 1 of my period ( this was 10 days ago ) I just wondered if anyone else has been through the same experience ? Am I to expect a bleed before my down reg scan which is at the end of next week ?

any replies would be greatly appreciated and good luck to you all out there xxx

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  • Hi Leah! I had to wait for AF before I could start menopur (so of course it was late but the buserelin can cause this)... give your clinic a call if you're unsure, mine gave me a timeline with all the info on and I had to call them when AF arrived.

    Good Luck with your cycle - keep us updated! x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear xx

  • hi, yes you need to have a bleed before down reg scan as they are checking the lining on womb and it'll still be there I you haven't bled... My clinic said to ring the day before scan if no bleed. Presumably longer on buserelin if not.

  • Hi Leah345, I started off on buserelin nasal spray (clinic info said to expect a bleed after 7 days) and had a bleed 13 days after but it was just a small one. Unfortunately my lining wasnt thin enough by scan time and Ive been put onto 0.5 injections morning and evening with a repeat scan this Thursday and still waiting for another bleed. Fingers crossed for you that it happens soon!x

  • Thanks all your comments have been very positive . Yes I can relate to the headaches well !!! ...... Good luck to you all also .... Just taking things one step at a time xxx

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