Eeeeek today is the day!!

So I've had a phone call this morning to confirm my transfer will be today!!! I can't contain how happy I am!! I never once thought I would get this far it seemed like a dream a million miles away!! 

I have a mixture of emotions at the minute, nervous, anxious but most of all excited!! 

Any last minute tips at all? Will it hurt??! ..... I'm too young to of had a smear test so unfortunately I can't relate to this for pain! Xx

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  • Hi 

    that's wonderful news! Don't worry, it didn't hurt me at all. Just relax and smile😀 Your little one will be with you soon. 


  • Great news EmJayne! Lots of luck for today - keep us informed!!! x o x o

  • The nervous/anxious feeling is quite common. I personally hardly felt anything when I had a transfer last time. It is very quick and you can leave almost straight away as long as you feel well. Good luck X

  • Thank you all, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting! 

    I've come away with my very first scan picture!!!!!! Wooooahh!! I felt like an idiot crying hahah!! 

    So here we go, the agonising 2ww.... Wish me luck haha!! Xxx

  • Hi EmJayne91. Just want to wish you well while you are waiting.  thinking of you.  Diane

  • Thank you Diane 💕

  • Just relax mine only took 10mins. Drink lots as you need a full bladder X 

  • Hi Button-123 it felt like I was in there forever haha, but how emotional when you see them transfer it on the screen xx

  • That's the best bit last time I took a pic of the screen so I could keep looking at it on my 2ww hoping to do the same again tomorrow X 

  • It's lovely isn't, mine is already the background on my phone. It may not seem a lot to most people, as you can't really see anything, but to me it means the world 💕💕

  • I hope you get a BFP after the 2ww. Avoid googling symptoms or lack of and try to hold out for your OTD.

  • Thank you lovely :) 

    Aaah no I'm going to try and stay well away from Google :) xx

  • All the best Emmajayne fingers crossed for you!!! X

  • Thank you lovely, I hope you are ok!! Xxx

  • Yes I'm fine off work this week so nice to have to sometime out from ivf. Just waiting for our review app next month take it easy during this time xx

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