Couldn't wait

Couldn't wait

Hey ladies

I am 6dp5dt . I was doing ok until today and had a meltdown. I took a clearblue and the + was very faint I thought I may have imagined it so rushed out and got a first response 2 lines appeared in the box but again one was very faint. I'm trying not to get too excited telling myself it could be the hcg trigger . So I'll keep testing over the next few days. I've taken a pic . See what you think xx

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  • Hey all positive vibes too you, just be careful it's not the trigger shot.

    This journey has so much that surprises you. But stay positive at all times xx

    Good luck

  • I'm on the same boat. I am 6dpt a 5 day embryo transfer and my anxiety is through the roof. My bloodwork is not til 2/25, such a long way to go!!! Just want to pee on a stick already! Sticky baby dust to you!!

  • I know Hun it's so difficult waiting. It's not that long but it's torturous. I've got everything crossed for you Hun and good luck xxxx

  • I caved!!! I prepared myself if were to come up negative, still early. Had a faint positive with EPT test and took a digital that came up positive! Maybe it's our month Leanneb85!

  • Yay congrats Hun I'm so chuffed for you . I'm saving my digital one for tomorrow so I'll let you know. Keep me posted with how your getting on xxx

  • Will do! Keep us posted as well !

  • Well I've tested every day since and the lines are darker . And my digital says pregnant . I'm so happy x

  • Yay!!! It's looking good! I'm on my 2ww too, 8pt5dt and I'm holding it till the end! 😄 It is really hard but hubby and I promised to wait. We haven't bought any pregnancy test and only got the one supplied by the hospital. Soon!! Soon!!! 😄 Sending you lots of baby dust!! It's all happening inside our bodies now. Take care xx

  • I'm so chuffed I still can't believe it. I admire your will power Hun. I started to get really impatient by day 3 of my wait and knew I'd never make it to test day. I've done 7 tests to be sure haha. Good luck on your test day I've got everything crossed for you. Let me know how it goes xxx

  • 7 tests!!!! Woahh!!!! I've been trying to take it easy as it is our first time and we said we didn't want to get too excited just in case you know... But so far we are pleased that all has been going really well and we will keep strong! hehe!! Have you felt anything different during the 2ww? I've been ok so far without any crampy pains and only occasional light headache. Been taking the pessaries as prescribed and I'm just hoping it's all going well inside! My test day is on the 26th Feb. 4 days to go!!! :D I shall keep you posted! xx

  • my boobs have been a bit sore and I have had cramping, but the cramping began on the day of my transfer so I have put that down to the pessaries. My main clue was the amount of times I was waking up through the night to have a wee x

  • Oh my! Same here! :D Wee time in the middle of the night is no fun!

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