Ladies I'm in a state of shock.

So I tested as planned this morning (5dp5dt) and a faint line came up rather quickly. I was expecting it to be negative and wasn't going to mention anything to DH until I got a positive as he is a lot more guarded. When I looked at it I nearly fell off the bed. Trying to not get carried away as I got positives for a week last time and then first beta was only 7 and had early miscarriage.

But for now in my little shocked bubble I am elated at the sight of a faint pink line that I wasn't sure I'd ever see again.


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  • That's great! Congratulations! You won't have to worry about it being the trigger shot either will you? Fingers crossed it holds this time round x

  • No trigger shot this time. Last time it was already out of my system by 3dp5dt last time too.


  • Congratulations! X

  • Hi MrsTM13, fantastic news!!! This was an FET wasn't it? Can I ask how many you had transferred? I am due to have FET in January but we only have one! x

  • WeeMrsH, thank you. We only had 1 5day hatching blastocyst to transfer. I was convinced it hadn't worked but yesterday's test seems to suggest otherwise. I'm going to test everyday to check line is getting stronger and pray that my beta is normal this time.

    I didn't have much hope for FET and because it happened so quickly I didn't feel as healthy as I was for my fresh cycle. X

  • My line didn't get darker at all for three days, and then I started bleeding - thought it was all over. Two days after the bleed started, I tested again and the line appeared immediately.

  • Tested again this morning (4am) so very first wee, unlike first test at 8am and line came up instantly, darker and thicker than yesterday. I have absolutely everything crossed that nothing goes wrong this time. I'm getting the odd twinge and cramp which I didn't get last time but I think I'm going to be a nervous wreck until official test date on 2nd Dec. X

  • Congratulations! All the best with your pregnancy journey...x

  • Congratulations! x x x

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