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Waiting time

Hello ladies is any of u after unsuccessful cycle decide to change clinic ? If so did new clinic ask for all your previous test u had done and if so did that reduce your waiting time to wait for cycle ? I know we r not loud to give clinics names but just wonder if any of u had any good experience from Gloucester clinic ? If u did ladies can u reply to me private massage for the reason that they don't let us put name clinic in public post . Thank u xxx

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Any information you provide your new clinic will help them decide the best plan for you without repeating things that you know didn't work, etc. it will also help keep costs down as some things won't need to be repeated. We changed clinic after our NHS go. It did take a while to get our file and we did have to pay for it, but saved us the time and money of retesting.

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Yes me too, like Filmgirl has said, you can switch without a lot of hassle. It may take a few weeks for them to transfer all your notes across but the new clinic does all the work. It depends what type of cycle you will be having, how quick they can begin. I transferred in August and started to prep for the Frozen transfer in Sept- Oct. In Glasgow here so unable to advise on your area, but do look at HFEA site if you haven't already. Best wishes, xxx


Thank u girls . I just don't what to do . We work in Gloucestershire from last 7 years . Now my hubby is thinking to move there which I don't want to 😔 We was discuss the option what to do ...maybe start another cycle . My hubby think that all clinics r the same ...there all do the same thing . What is annoying me the most that the only thing with me is having one tube ...and I feel like the only one option I got is IVF ... No even once doctor told us that we can try IUI treatment ... That this my work for us ... I don't know if is any ladies here that the got the same sytuation what me and they have successfull story after IUI ...😔


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