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Not a good day

So after my “why am I bleeding” status, I contacted my fertility center and explained it seems to be brown discharge more of a day and then red of a night, but nothing on a pad, just when I go the toilet and wipe myself. They explained it’s not connected to my miscarriage that I had in August. So they said the following:

1.They asked me when I had my last smear and luckily I have one booked for next week, so I am to wait and see what that comes back with.

2. I just had bloods taken at the miscarriage clinic last week so I am to wait for them to come back.

3. They have told me to take a pregnancy test in the morning, I explained that I don’t have periods I never have and I can only have a baby through egg donation. But they want me to take one anyway to rule it out.

So I am starting to get worried now because I know I can’t get pregnant so seems silly to ask me to take a test and the miscarriage clinic results are going to take 6 weeks. I just have to wait and see if it goes away until my tests come through. Stressed xx

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Sending you a big hug Suzanne 😚Nothing's ever simple on this journey is it. As for 6 weeks for test results that's just an appalling length of time to make someone wait! Try not to think too far ahead and just take one day at a time, you'll drive yourself crazy otherwise. Always here if you need to chat 💚 x x


Hi huni hope this are better by now. I just read your post and want to read more from you as I am also booked for miscarriage investigation blood screening and all. Xx please update as you get information. Xx I am losing hopes..... I don't know why...


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