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Hi, my own family went through unexplained infertility problems. I got to the bottom of ours, we all have Hughes Syndrome/APS a leading cause of miscarriage and still birth. This disease was discovered 30 years ago by Professor Graham Hughes at St Thomas' Hospital. Yesterday Dr Chris Steele covered this on ITV This Morning, please scroll down through the page until you come to the right film clip.

itv.com/thismorning Dr Christ Steele on yesterday's programme.

Also a film about the condition:

Also a recent debate in The House of Lords: publications.parliament.uk/...

and some information, regarding the condition: hughes-syndrome.org/about-h...

Keep well everybody:


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Hi MaryF. Just hoping that your story had a happy ending. i have known quite a few ladies through my career with "Hughes" who became mothers after successful treatment with low dose soluble aspirin and Clexane. Diane


Yes, I managed to escape miscarriage and also Stillbirth as I realized something was very wrong, and got treated early on, plus my sisters had the same disease. This was featured on ITV This Morning, the other day on National Baby Loss Awareness Day, as mentioned above.

I administrate the Hughes Syndrome Foundation patient forum on this HU platform and I think some of our members are in your group. If you are interested in networking with our charity, do get in touch with Kate Hindle at Hughes Syndrome Foundation, thanks for your reply, and so refreshing that you have heard of the condition and also the typical treatments!!!!

Thanks again xx


Kind Regards

Mary F


Hi. That's good to hear. We do have a link for Hughes Syndrome on our website infertilitynetworkuk.com i will make sure it is up-to-date. Diane


Great stuff, thanks. MaryF


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