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Slight cramps

Hi everyone,

I am 3 weeks post embryo transfer and I was lucky enough to have a positive result. I don't have my scan booked until the 10th July but keep getting the odd cramp and twinge? Is this normal? I don't have any spotting or bleeding yet but I think I'm more anxious now knowing I am pregnant than when I was waiting to find out in case it all gets taken away from me :-(

Has anyone else experienced cramps at this point?

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Hey huni, I haven't got a bfp. Otd is Wed, but I do a lot if reading about all of this stuff and it is completely normal. Imagine what changes your uterus needs to make for the journey it has ahead! As it is all in the same place it will feel almost identical to period cramps. It is nothing to worry about and all completely normal. Try to enjoy it :) xxx


Yes you will have cramps and twinges. Try not to think about it and hold on for your scan date. x

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For me, once I had conceived I pretty much felt crampy and like I was about to have a period, sore boobs etc for a few weeks, I was so convinced I was about to bleed any second that when they called me through for my scan I was so shaky and close to feinting with the sheer anxiety. All is fine, she's a 2 year old monkey now 😉 x


Yes, I did have cramps, sore boobs etc (like my period was going to start) and had exactly the same worries as you! I had some bleeding at about 6 weeks too and feared the worst but all went well and our wee one is now 5 months.

Take care


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