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Late period

Hello ladies. I'm now on day 11 after embryo and blastocyst transfer. I being advised to wait 2ww to do pregnancy test. All thru I didn't have any symptoms only bit period pain . Normally my period is regular every 28 days . I'm late now 5 days . Yesturday in evening I felt very hot and sleepy . When early to bed but in night time I wake up couple times feeling like my body is "on fire".... Now I'm feeling fine. I don't feel any symptoms but I'm going to wait another 3 days to do the test. If it come negative is there any of u ladies experience late period and painful one after IVF ? Please any advise . Thank u

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When to do the test really depends on the age of the embryo that they have transferred. When I had my 5 day blastocysts transferred, I was told to test 9 days later. For a 3 day embryo, you should test 11 days later. Basically, its 14 days from theoretical ovulation date, so deduct the age of your embryo/blasto from 14 and that tells you how many days you should test after! I think you should be good to do a test now either way, but I advise to get a good test such as clearblue digital so you get an accurate result.

Hope this helps.. I held out until 9 days before doing a test and got my BFP.

Unfortunately however periods can be late after IVF, but the feeling overheated could be a good sign.

Good luck xxx


Thank u Katrina. I just done the test .... Actually two different . One clear blue and one first respond .. They both come out negative :(((( I don't know what to do now.... My hubby is in work ...he call me not long ago to ask if I done the test..... I just want to cry ..... All my world and hopes collapse .... I don't know how to tell him ...is so hard when u cannot tell him in face ... He will be devastate ....


I am so so sorry, I was really hoping that you would come back with good news. Nothing can make you feel better when this happens. Just take some time and let yourself grieve for what you have been through, don't feel bad about feeling bad and you will start to feel better I promise xx


Hello Katrina . Thank u for making me feel I got someone to talk to. I cannot stop crying ... When I call my hubby ...😔😔 when I ask him how he feel ... He say that ... He feel like all world collapse on him... Asking if is any chances that this tests my be wrong ...? I told him that 2day is 11 day since the transfer ...but if I don't get any bleeding in few days I'm gonna do full 2ww ... I lost the hope ...but I try to give him a hope ...he is devastating... He told me that he gonna try finish early work ... He call me since then so many time how I feel .... I call Clinik early on ... They say if I get some bleeding in few days time that mean is "good ".... Good what I didn't understand that answer!!! From last 3 h Now and again I feel pain in low tummy... And I note brown discharge ... 😔😔😔


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