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Hoping to concive after years being told I would never naturally never give up hope!!

Shot bit of my story! Told 2007 I would never ever concive naturally, had ivf treatment on nhs 2009 got preg bug sadly it ended im miscarriage 😢 split from husband 2011 met current fiance 2011 good few months after split and had an op to remove a cyst from my ovary this doctor was amazing Dr David Glenn when removing the cyst operated on my tubes and I fell preg unfortunately this was an ectopic may 2014 I was so lucky that when I was rushed to hospital it was again Dr Glenn who operated on me he operated again on my remaining tube! Had HSG test done 4 weeks ago and the tube is open and the dye went through so yeha there is a chance NEVER give up hope and if it's a issue with your tubes get a second opinion it's all abt getting the right person 2007 the doc said no chance we asked could they operate was told no yet this Dr could do it! Praying g for all you trying to concive xx

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Ive polysystic ovaries (bad case) the doctors told me I couldn't this was back in 2010 im now 37 weeka pregnant had to try dor longer but girlie's never give up never give in xxxxx


That's great news I hope I'll soon be sharing baby news xx


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