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I had my embryo transfer on 11th November and it went very well which was a big relief as I was a worried about it. I will doing my pregnancy test on Friday 21 November and I know it's going to be a long and hard week just wondering if anyone else is testing next week so we can help each other. I'm trying to be positive. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. Tasha

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  • Hi Tasha. just to wish you every good luck for the 21st. Keep drinking plenty of water, rest when you can and keep up with the progesterone pessaries/gel if it has been prescribed for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane

    Thank you for your good wishes. I am taking progesterone pessaries and an injection. I bought my pregnancy test today it was the last one so I'm hoping that's the lucky one. Tasha

  • Every good wish. Diane

  • Good luck! It's a scary time isn't it ? But not too long to wait now. Wil b keeping my fingers crossed for u!xxx

  • Hi Bella

    Thank you. The past couple of days has been tough I feel like there is something going on inside my body but I don't know what it is. Only 2 days to go now in one way I can't wait to do the test but in another way I'm very apprehensive. I have had so many positive messages from people which I didn't have last time and that really has made a huge difference. Tasha x

  • Huge good luck wishes to you! Stay chilled this week if you can! Drink lots of water and fresh pineapple is really good for blood flow too! Also keep yr body warm especially yr feet! I watched a you tube clip about the 2ww and this lady said you want the blood pumping nicely and easily to yr uterus, so if yr body is cold it will be trying to warm up every part! So Stay toasty and thick socks in bed! May be nonsense but it does make sense that you need a good blood flow to yr uterus I guess xx

  • Thank you so much Hope and for the tips. I have been injecting Clexain twice a day so that should be helping to get the blood to my uterus. I'm drinking loads and keeping warm. I didn't know what was going on this morning with my body as felt dizzy and nauseous so I felt very mixed up I just hope it's all for the right reason. Tasha x

  • They are good symptoms. I felt very dizzy and bit sicky during the 2nd week. Xx

  • I went for my acupuncture last night and he said they were good symptoms. Going for counselling tonight so that should help too. Thanks Tasha

  • U sound like ur doing exactly the right things! The last few days before I tested-I felt all over the place emotionally which I assumed was my period coming and I had pains-but it turned out positive so keep thinking happy thoughts and take strength in the fact that we are all routing for u!xxx

  • Hi Bella

    Thank you that brings me great comfort. One more sleep to go. Tasha xx

  • I just wanted to say am praying for you. Warm hugs and good luck today. Let us know.

  • I just wanted to say am praying for you. Warm hugs and good luck today. Let us know.

  • Fingers crossed for today!

    I'm getting touch with our clinic today to say we want to hold off until the New Year, we want a week in the sun before Christmas.

    Take care


  • Hi Becks

    I think that's a very good idea going away before you start. We did that in the summer had a weeks holiday and it really recharged our batteries and we were fresh and ready to start our treatment. Love Tasha xx

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