Embryo's transfered

Hi- I had two embryos put in on Sunday- had really nasty migraine the day after and upset tummy. Finding the waiting really hard- keep getting occasional twinges but nothing consistent . trying to keep distracted but when your told to rest and not do much your mind plays tricks on you. Analysing every twinge. Think I'm getting some fresh air today and venturing out. Thinking i'll just keeping eating well and watch a film or see a friend that makes me laugh. Cheered me up loads yesterday but there is so much riding on the outcome it's scary

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  • Aww best of luck Hun xx

  • Thank u- sitting tight- wish I felt some symptoms . X

  • Hope all turns out the best it's just a waiting game i hav to to my test on thur but as u say mind plays tricks on u !! Take care xx

  • Thank u- feelin scared but all I can do is sit and wait. Are u feeling any symptoms? Good luck and take it easy x

  • Good luck Hun I had 2 embroys transferred also and I am now 11wks 4days pregnant. Hope everything goes well. My fingers are crossed for you. Sprinkling baby dust for you xxx

  • Thank u so much- have already been in tears this morning. Driving myself crazy! Good luck for you - keeping everything crossed x

  • Seems quite a few of us have had 2 put in over the past week, I had 2 put in on Tue and I'm the exact same, iv had no symptoms since tue other than extremely exhausted/sleepy most days but today I woke up at 7am feeling extremely nauseous and lasted until 3pm this afternoon. I feel like it's been 2week already but only on day 4! I may download books onto the kindle to keep me occupied. Good luck to you all xx

  • Hi- hopefully your two have imbedded nicely whilst you've been resting and the sickness is the hormones kicking in already. Take it easy , feet up bit longer if you can. Anything to occupy yourself... I've even resorted to writing out a new address book ( been meaning to do since we moved house 10 months ago!) good luck! :)

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