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pain relief suggestions PLEASE XX

my first time on here people. having suffered for 10 years now with endo and the agony that comes with both physical and mental. i ask myself several times a day...am i being irrational???? my doctor has me on tramadol, paracetamol dihydracodeine, and meds to help with the effects of the meds being itching skin and vomiting!!!!! a month ago, i had my gallbladder removed cus of the damage from the drugs to my liver so im scared to take more? i cant breathe, i cant hold a job down and im a tired sicky grumpy bitch with a choice of be in pain or loose every other day to insane vomiting and dehydration from the meds....i cant even think of sex or conception due to the agony of ovulation but my wen i ask for diff meds tells me i be fine and gives me more.

any insight into how i can get better support/meds from my doc? every time i say im in agony can u refer me to gyni he tells me to make my own apointments. however ive had double figure laps now and i was fortunate to have health cover till they refused to cover the cost of treatments as it was ongoing, my gp doesnt give me refferals till i have a breakdown in his office...and he books me in for a mental health assessment!!!!!!!

if i am irrational/mental...do u blame me!!!

sorry for the essay, i have never spoken of my pains till now, ive just had couples counceling today pre ICSI wer i realised the hell on my shouilders i put on my husband.

never felt so desperate, a simple pain relief will change my life

any suggestions please???

love and hugs to anyone who got this far in my outburst


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Hi there,

oh wow, I know where you are coming from!! Have you ever tried Serrapeptase? I started it a few months ago and find it amazing :-)

I asked my Dr about it and its basically an Enzyme taken from silk worms. Its a natural inflammatory and it eats up dead scar tissue. It's a lot safer to take then painkillers!

You can get it on Amazon for around £ 10.

My partner and I start IVF in 6 months time and my pain used to be horrendous. I passed out, vomited and would spend hours in the bathroom. Tried several strong painkillers, the pill etc but nothing worked til I started the Serrapeptase. It worked wonders for a lot of other women that I know on Facebook as well :-D

Especially if you undergo infertility treatment you can't take painkillers! Maybe a Paracetamol but that's it. But check with your Dr how soon before the fertility treatment you should stop it.

I wish you all the best x


Thank u for reply. I'm due to start ivf/inside in 4 weeks. I'm trying to hide pain but I know in my heart even if it works I'm in so much pain I will miscarry. I've lost 5 and cudnt bare another. Desperately need me in a healthier condition to attempt full term. Spoke with Dr and just demanded a lap to ease pain/stress on my body, he said ok but I have to give permission for full hysterectomy if necessary. I can't see I have a choice as common sense tells me without lap I am guaranteed to fail. Biting the bullet and preparing my brain and trying to get the courage to tell hubby I'm using ivf money for lap as I can't afford to wait the standard nhs 3 months for lap. My liver functions are not good due to meds so don't c I have any other options???

Just wish people can see the hurt pain and fear all of the above installs in our suffering then again, we hide it...catch 22 Xxx


Oh wow loosing 5 must be absolutely awful :-(

If you start IVF so soon then you should really try to stay away from any painkillers. Try to live as healthily as possible. No coffee, no alcohol etc. Drink warm teas, keep warm as it relaxes everything.

Have you ever tried Acupuncture? Its meant to help with the pain and to relax as well. I will start acupuncture in 3 months time as well.

Research from Germany shows that couples that went for acupuncture before and during the IVF cycle can increase chances by up to 60%!!! In some trials 3/4 of the women that went for acupuncture gave birth to healthy babies!

You should also continue with acupuncture for the first 12 weeks into the pregnancy.

Its amazing, I will certainly give it a go :-) I know its pricey tho as here it costs £ 40 per session.

There is a book called 'The infertility cure' by Randine Lewis and she writes about this as well.

I wish you all the luck in the world. You have been through so much!!

Sending you baby dust and lots of strength, hope and luck :-) xx


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