Inability to produce eggs. After 7 days of Menopur 75iu injections to stimulate me to produce eggs,l had two scans shows that I could not

Produce any eggs. So the doc. adviced that the cycle be cancelled and that I cannot produce eggs at all. IS THAT THE END OF THE ROAD FOR ME? SOMEBODY HELP ME IAM SO DEVASTATED. ANY OTHER OPTIONS FOR ME? PLEASE HELP ME I had the second scan today

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  • I am so sorry to hear this, I have not heard this before but I do know if you have low ovarian reserve you can use donar eggs if you decided you would take that option. Have you asked your clinic why this has happened? Im sorry I can not be more help to you but im here if you want to talk.

  • Thanks Danielldavison. My doc said I have low ovarian reserves and my FHS is 7 and my age of 41which accounted for my not producing eggs.To consider egg adoption but what are the implications for me the woman?

  • have you thought about embryo adoption xxx

  • Hi we are considering egg adoption to be fertilised with my partner's sperms.we are hoping that this one works out since time is runninng out for me. Thank you all

  • good luck xxx

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