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OTD Thursday but period pains


Why is the 2ww two weeks why can’t it be put it in and it works!! Don’t want to test early incase it gives us a false result, I’m thinking they must tell you a certain day for a reason! But it’s tough! Got the feeling I get right before I come on so I’m not hopeful at all, feel like it’s just a normal month with period due. Anyone else’s test day the same? Xx

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Hi hun.

The only time I conceived was when I didn’t feel pregnant! Literally it felt like my period was coming. ( I did miscarry 4.5 weeks but after 6 years of not being able to get pregnant it was progress)

Early pregnancy symptoms vs pms are very similar and are impossible to tell apart. Well I couldn’t anyway!

Good luck for OTD. Really hope it’s good news ❤️ xoxo

That makes me feel better thank you! 2 more sleeps x

Good luck with testing xxxx

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