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How to choose hospital for childbirth?

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If you already have private insurance, you can select from any of the hospitals or clinics that your insurance covers. And in social security, nowadays, there is also the possibility of choosing a center if you are not convinced that corresponds to you by zone. When selecting, you must take into account the equipment of the hospital, its situation, the possibilities it has, etc.

Giving birth is a critical and special moment, so you should be at ease with the baby hospital or clinic where you are going to give birth. In the second trimester, it is recommended that you choose the center in which you are going to give birth so that you can visit it in time and make sure it offers everything you want.

Both private and public health allows you to choose between the centers that are part of your network, so the first thing you should do is decide and choose public health or private if you have insurance.

Before deciding, consult how the public and baby hospital work in your area, talk to people who have given birth there, investigate statistics and reports that have cesareans, episiotomies, etc.

You should also consider how you want your delivery to be if you are looking for a natural birth, with dilation in the bathtub or with pilates balls to control the pain, you must make sure that the center has the equipment that you need and that will respect the type of delivery you want.

Another detail to consider is its location: Baby hospital should be close to your home or well-located, so you do not take too long to get there or catch a jam, in case you have to hurry up on the day of delivery.

Also, if you have had a problematic pregnancy, risk or have a chance of premature delivery, you should make sure that the chosen center has a specialized unit of premature infants, neonatal ICU, medical personnel specialized in cases of risk, etc.

All maternity clinics offer visits for pregnant women, so join all those who are interested in consulting all your doubts and seeing how the expansion room, the parlor, the rooms, ask the staff how they work, etc.

The most important thing to choose is to get informed so that you know what you can do against the big moment when it arrives.

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