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Elevated liver enzymes for yrs


My liver enzymes have been elevated for several yrs. I always have an aching heavy feeling under my ribs especially on the right side.

Recently I had a CT for long nodules and the report also showed fatty liver. I drink very occasionally and not much. Because it hurts almost immediately. My Dr hasn't even mentioned to me about the elevated liver enzymes that have been there for at least 5 yrs.

My chart is online so I see all of my test results when they are released. I have been so fatigued and my hands and wrists, knees and ankles and feet hurt all the time. I have arthritis in my hands I know this do to the nodules I get on my joints. But has anyone ever had this problem along with fatty liver?

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Hi Janny

The body is really complex but a central player in most of the chemical processes is the liver. Can liver disease and arthritis be part of a system malfunction? Certainly, but there are no simple relationships there. As a stranger and not a physician I can't tell you much in a medical sense, however, as a traveler of the liver disease road, I suggest that you find a hepatologist and get a proper evaluation of your liver. You describe symptoms that often go with advancing liver disease and you need to find out about the details. Many docs don't react to fatty liver or vague symptoms until the liver is quite badly damaged.

I don't wish to frighten you but if you have fatty liver disease that is progressing to a more serious condition you need to know that. Lots of folks here on that journey so let us know how things go for you.


Hi what are your lab numbers my ltfs have stayed in the 50 range for alt and ast for years as well. I do get right sided pain as well. I am an occassional drinker as well.

My alkp has stayed in the 130-145 range for several yrs. My other liver enzymes are borderline.

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