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TV writers rarely know what they are talking about but when it is about organ donation they can do great harm. Shame on SVU

This is a snippet from the article but it is worth your time to read and pass along.

First, let us say that we love Law and Order: SVU as much as the next person (#BringBackStabler). We know that sometimes making good television means sacrificing the truth and misrepresenting important facts. But last week’s controversial episode about organ, eye, and tissue donation may not just sacrifice the truth and portray false information – it may be costing people their lives. The episode was riddled with myths and misconceptions about the donation and transplantation process that may influence people’s decisions about whether or not to register as an organ donor. Since one donor can save up to 8 lives through organ donation and enhance more than 75 lives as a tissue donor, the impact of losing even one registered donor can be severe. We need to demand more from our favorite shows.