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3 weeks in with BP

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Before I got diagnose with BP, I got chicken pox for 2 weeks and when I just heal from it, the BP start to showing. My doctor doesn't help at all with his bad bedside manner and same goes with the therapist at my hospital. Right now, I felt really deepresed bcs 3 weeks in and there's no movement at all and I've been trying the doctors told me to do, like massaging my face, frown,pout,etc. Felt like my energy running out just to focus on my BP, and also two weeks ago I did not felt pain behind my ear, why I felt it now and not the first time when the BP started to show? The pain behind my ear also running along my jaw and down to my neck, also it come and go like I am being pricked by several needle. Is that normal guys? Because my doctor did nothing like MRI or CT or many other things that I read on the internet.

Right now I am just greatfull that I did not have that big of difficulty to eat or drink and talk..I still can manage it.

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There is a condition called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is linked to the shingles virus and is similar to Bell's palsy.

See the link here for more information facialpalsy.org.uk/causesan...


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