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Bells Palsy and CT scan

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Hi! I’m on my 2nd round of Bells Palsy, my 1st being 9-10 years ago with pretty much normal recovery. I am now 14 months in with suspected synkenisis and no full recovery as of yet, my onset was also very different than the 1st time with lots of pain and the palsy taking several hours rather than instant. After several months I got referred to my local hospital and had an MRI scan which showed some small lesions to my brain which they were not overly concerned about but wanted nuerology to assess further but this has not yet happened. Whilst this has been going on a speech therapist referred me to a neurological centre at Southampton Hospital and I had my appointment this week. They basically told me they wanted my results of the MRI so would contact my local hospital for them and get in touch with me, I have now been notified that they have arranged another MRI and a chest CT scan in a months time , I have no idea why I would need a chest CT scan and have made the mistake of googling it!! Has anyone heard of this or had a similar experience or CT scan? Feeling very frightened right now ☹️☹️☹️

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Sorry to hear you're going through this. I can't help with why they want a CT scan (but I did get sent for a chest x ray when I was first diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt 7 weeks ago). Doctor Google can be a blessing and a curse can't it? Useless to say don't worry, but...

I'm responding really because after much pushing I was referred to a facial therapist who has now referred me to the Face Place at Southampton Hospital. Is that where you went? I live in Cornwall. There is no specialist therapy unit here, and it will need special funding from my GP practice. I haven't got an appointment yet,. And it's a 130- mile journey!

I'd be really interested to hear of your experience there, and whether you'd recommend it. Neither my GP nor the consultant at Plymouth Eye Infirmary had ever heard of Ramsay Hunt. I've not had an MRI and have had almost no improvement since onset. Not helped by being misdiagnosed with Bell's, so getting the antivirals 2 weeks too late.

Anyway, I hope you get your scans and there's nothing to worry about. Any feedback on Southampton appreciated. Stay strong



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