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I am writing here because I just saw a post o this mother looking for help for her daughter 13 years old who has Bell's Palsy and no one told her it could be Lyme Disease? Yes, it is one of the main symptoms of the so called "Tick bite" infection. Many other symptoms derive from this multiple infection such as memory loss and neurological impairments including brain fog, blurry vision, light and sound sensitivity. Also symptoms in the heart, muscle and bone pains, belly problems, swelling and general weakness are some other symptoms.

The infection spreads from the mouth of the tick to the skin and from there to the blood. The tick passes multiple organisms including bacteria and parasites who learned how to survive inside our bodies. The bacteria Borrelia, the main infection, goes inside the white blood cells causing the condition to be similar as the immune supressive diseases because the body seems to be attacking itself while trying to get rid of these bacteria that invaded the white blood cells. Other bacteria with weird names such as Mycoploasma, Erlickia, Bartonella and leptospira could also be navigating the blood after the tick bite and they cause multiple symptoms invading the organs, muscles and bones. Other of the main and stronger infections the tick bite passes is a parasite called Babesia, which acts similar to the parasite that causes malaria, jumping inside the red blood cells and depriving the iron and strength of the body.

The infection spreads to the brain and the person might be diagnosed with neurological conditions because the tests show white plaques in the brain similar to Multiple Sclerosis; the body weakness could be similar to ALS or to lupus, and depending on the testing the person could be misdiagnosed and probably not treated properly... many have been diagnosed with Parkinson's or even Alzheimer's but the main cause is the infection from the tick bite that was not "discovered" because not everyone see the tick bite or get a rash from it.

The biggest problem is that the tests designed to detect Lyme Disease and co-infections are not reliable. The first line o test called Elisa has proven to barely detect 40% of the real cases of Lyme infection, so, if the test is "negative' the person would never be properly diagnosed nor treated. Some Doctors do the "second line of testing" which is a lab test called "Western Blot", but this test measures the reaction of the body to the infection and the results might not be real if the infection is stopping the immune system to react, this is why some recommend that if the infection is suspected based on symptoms, treat for at least two weeks with antibiotics before doing this test. The other problem is that this test shows bands of antigens and the reading of such results don't seem to be easy to interpret and the organizations that control the guidelines and treatments decided to omit some bands because of a vaccine they had years ago so if the lab shows those bands they state the result is negative, and now they also decided to say that the lab must show 5 bands to be positive stating the reaction to the bacteria with one or two bands is negative. Europe has some good laboratories that have the reactive to the bacteria Borrelia and they are being able to determine even what type of bacteria the person has and how infected the body is.

So, if the person is finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease the next situation to deal with is the treatment because the guidelines made by the International Disease Association state that only two weeks, max 4 week of antibiotic treatment is enough to cure this infection, but if the person remains symptomatic they state it is a chronic condition and the insurances don't treat those cases. There is a new organization called ILADS who are fighting such guidelines because in their experience the treatment requires more than two weeks of antibiotics and many other treatments to recover from such infection.

How come the medical community is ignoring this disease that has spread all over the world?

We have created a huge community in Facebook to support one another and we are trying to reach everyone to alert them of what is going on to prevent others from getting infected.

We have made May the month to bring Lyme awareness but every day of the year must be dedicated to prevent and to find the cure for this disease.

I have a Vlog trying to bring information; I hope it can help others suffering and not knowing what is going on. lymevlog.wordpress.com/

I hope you all are in good health and prevent yourselves and your families from getting a tick bite. Unfortunately the infection seems to be spreading to mosquitoes and other vectors who seem to be passing the bacteria and parasites.

Best regards,

Maria .