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I am new here

Diagnosed with BP Sept 2016. Was given usual antiviral & steroids. Gradually got a lot better by Dec . Within this time I had 4 sessions of acupuncture. Thought I was on road to full recovery but by late Jan 2017 my eye started feeling really weak with a lot of "twitching feeling" across face which is still continuing. Also sinus blockage and flu like symptoms - joint pains, dizzyness and feeling generally unwell. Worried my immune system damaged? Anyone else had anything like this. Making me very depressed.

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Had all that and more. Have you by chance had an MRI lately?


Only ever had 1 scan and that was 18months before BP. Scan was for an oral cyst which I had removed soon after scan. I have read that some people blame dental work for BP but seems a long time before it happened.


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