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Hi I'm Ralph. I got Bells Palsy after having an ear infection in October last year. I think it was diagnosed fairly quick & I had prednisolone for a few weeks, after which I got severe pains & headaches along with dizziness. Saw another GP who prescribed some nerve pain killers (Gabapentin) which helped. I'm over the worse of the BP thankfully but am left with severe vertigo & almost constant headache. Anyone else experienced this or have any advise please?

I've been off work since this all began in October & am getting brassed off!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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  • Hi Ralph. I would suggest that you go back to your GP if gabapentin is not helping, or you have completed the course and are still in pain. There are different pain killers that work in different ways and your GP may be able to suggest something else.

  • Hi Lorraine, thanks for the reply.

    Sorry, you've missed the point of my post. I'm now concerned about the vertigo combined with almost constant headache. The pains I experienced were nerve pains in & around the ear & down into my neck associated with the BP. As I said, I'm now over the worse of this and have finished with the gabapentin.

  • I took cinnarizine 30mg three times a day for the vertigo and it helped luckily that and the headache have gone now I had Ramsey hunt

  • Was that on prescription from your doctor?

    I saw an ear, nose & throat specialist a few days ago who said nothing could be done for me until I had a balance test & then we go on from there

  • It was on prescription but I think you may be able to get it from a pharmacy over the counter

  • It may affect the results of your balance test though i.e. Make it a bit better so you may want to wait til you have the test

  • Ok. Thanks for the input. I Haven't got an appointment date yet for that so I may just get advice from pharmacist

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