Hi, I am a 70 year old British expat living in the Philippines. A couple of weeks ago ago I woke up and the side of my face was paralysed. This was diagnosed as Bell's Palsy and I was given Predisone 20 mg x 2 twice a day. and Omerprazole x 1 per day for 5 days plus had an MRI that was OK. All I take now is Neurobion Vitamin B supplement daily. The problem is that I seem to feel dizzy most of the time and also frequently have a bad pain beneath the ear and headache at the back of the head on the afflicted side. Is there a fix for this ort is just part of it?

Thanks for this site, glad it exists.

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  • Just part of it for me. But my episode was ten years ago. I am having some problems now that I think may be Bells Palsy related though.

  • I had the same, seems to be similar, ear, back of head. it gets better

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