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Hello to everyone here, I would like to say, I have taught Karate for 43 years, and last Sat. June 25th I was stricken with BP while eating out with my wife! In the middle of the meal I suddenly realized I could not chew my food! And it got worse, by 9pm that evening I was having trouble moving my left arm and leg, so I naturally thought I was

having a stroke~!! It was scary, but since it was late and I was 20 miles from the nearest ER. I decided to sleep. Next morning my arm and leg was OK, but I couldn't move my mouth on left side or close my eye, so I went to ER and they did a CAT scan and told me it was NOT a stroke, but Bell's P. I had never even heard that term before last Sunday! But since then I have found out a lot of people I know have had some form of it! To my surprise, even my Mom had a mild form of it when she was 15 years old. The big problem for 'me' with this is chewing food and drinking things. And I had a lot of eye pain, watering, and strain in left eye. That was the first 3 days, but now the eye problem has let up greatly. Still can't close it, but have figured out how to deal with it. Now I studied Oriental Med. for 4 years over seas, and have found that a small electronic Stimulator on light setting applied to left side of my face is helping me to recover much faster than nine months! hopefully I will be fully recovered in from 9 weeks to 29 weeks. This is only a estimation of course. I will be happy to keep you all updated if you wish!

I find it very difficult to keep up teaching Karate with this problem, but as someone else has said, most people are very understanding, and so are my students. They seem to continue to work well with me, in spite of my twisted face and muffled speech!! Of course I am grateful to them for their understanding!

I do believe the facial massage of the stimulator is making this better at a much greater rate than most reports I have read about thus far! Please feel free to ask me questions if you wish, I will do my best to answer anything I can!


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The recommended treatment for Bell's Palsy is a course of steroids within 72 hours of onset to reduce the inflammation.

The person should massage their face twice daily which helps to maintain circulation and mobility of the facial muscles and also maintains the feeling of movement (which cannot be gained via electrical stimulation). The main focus in the early weeks of recovery is protecting the eye, and facial massage.

Electrical stimulation should only be used under the guidance of a therapist with specialist training in the management of facial palsy. We do not recommend that patients should try this treatment without supervision as there are some indications that it may cause harm when used incorrectly.


Hello Again Sensei here. I would like to reply to the negative comment I found on here about my last post. First in less than 21 days I have 60% of my mobility back in my face. Using the Electro Stimulator. I am however a Certified Chiropractor and Massage Therapist. I did not mean to imply that anyone should try to do it themselves. However some Chiropractors and Therapist here in Missouri do use this equipment. I happen to be fortunate to have both the certifications and the equipment.

Just 20 min. twice a day has improved my face mobility greatly!! I can now smile evenly on both sides and speak plainly. My wink on the left is not quite all the way back yet, but I suspect within 3 weeks it will be. I can almost close that eye completely with out using my hand....


I have been a Massage Therapist & Chiropractor for 17 years now. I have to disagree that this does not work! In fact the stimulator is designed to flex and wake up muscles and nerves, that you can not move automatically anymore. Like smiling. or winking. I can now wink that dead eye 92% without help from my hand and my smile is Nearly completely even on both sides of my face now. ALL IN ONLY 3 WEEKS. Of course it is possible that I am that 1 in 10 thousand who heals quickly, {but I doubt that greatly! }

YOU SHOULD SEEK A PROFESSIONAL TO DO THE MASSAGE WITH THE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT I just wanted to be clear on that this time. I am a professional.

I have treated over 400 people for various muscle and nerve disorders over the years, with a 90% success rate!! I will admit, it does not work for every single individual, but I have found only 1 in 50 it does not work for over the passed 17 years. And with Acupressure, which causes cell growth, it is a powerful and fast way to heal without drugs!!

I suspect that at the rate I am recovering I should be fully recovered inside 2 months. And My personal doctor who is a (Certified MD ) does agree with me as well. He has put me on another 12 days of Steroids. But does not think the anti viral meds are necessary. I do not intend to say that one should not use the drugs, because that is the proven treatment. (Steroids) but I do intend that with the stimulation it speeds up the process greatly. If I did not see it in myself, I would not say it is so!!

Thank y0u!


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