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Bells palsey

Hi I'm 41, I woke up Boxing Day 2014 thinking I'd had a stroke went to doc next day got told it was BP, had steroids, first 6months was hell,for a woman I think it's worse vanity wise, it started improving then I got a slight cold and this knocked progress back, if I'm tired,stressed seems worse windy weather or air con in shops I feel it in eye, I slur if I'm tired, I hate needles but people tell me acupuncture will help, anybody had it and guarantee worth going through my fear for??? Been 18 months get fed up at times :-((

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Hello, we have a page about acupuncture on our website which may be of some interest: facialpalsy.org.uk/advice/t...

Have you requested a referral to a specialist facial therapist?


I too got it on Boxing Day! Hope you find some answers soon x


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