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Hi everyone, I fist got facial paralysis for about 10 months now and all was going great with therapy and medication. All the sudden my eye started to wink or become smaller when I smile or talk, I did some research and now it seems I have synkinesis. What happen and will this be a permanent damage. I feel horrible and for the first time in 10 months I have cried because I hate explaining to everyone I see what happened. I feel weird and ugly. Is there any exercises I can do on my own. Please help. Thanks

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are having these problems which certainly do sound like synkinesis. There is more information on our website here: facialpalsy.org.uk/advice/g... . You should seek a referral to a specialist to help you manage this. If you contact the charity direct via info@facialpalsy.org.uk and let us know your location we can hopefully assist you further.


Hiya! Yes this is common with long term palsy. I'm in your situation, I got Bell's palsy 3 years ago and now suffer with synkinesis. Very annoying but there are things that can be done to minimise it. I'm currently seeing specialists at Queen Victoria hospital, East Grinstead and they've given me exercises tailored to me and my 'problem areas'. In addition to this I'm having regular Botox to stop the overactivity in my face and neck, which is SO effective. Please don't be too sad, there is treatment out there. I'm here any time you fancy a chat. Selma. X


Hi, I've had Bell's palsy for 14 months & have synkinesis, I also go to East Grinstead & have be given facial exercises & massage to help, I'm also having my first Botox next month to relax my facial & neck muscles & I'm hoping this will help stop my eye from closing & becoming smaller. I've heard good reports about this and hope that you can get the help you need.


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