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I am Alan. I am 71 years old and am on my last year of three years of Hormone Therapy for Prostate cancer.

I am trying to keep myself not exactly fit but keeping myself going. I also have a little bit of COPD which doesn’t help with the breathing while exercising.

I do a reasonable amount of walking, I just don’t log it and now I can.

I am on week three and have changed from low to medium intensity. I can tell I am working harder because my breathing becomes laboured but strangely my pulse rate has not gone up. In fact I think it is lower than on low intensity walking.

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Hi Alan, thanks for the extra information. As I mentioned before, don't worry too much about a lower heart rate score (we would be more concerned if your heart rate was higher than it should be!), it really might be the start of a positive training effect. It sounds as though everything is going well, there is a huge amount of evidence that increasing physical activity levels is incredibly beneficial when recovering from prostate cancer. It would be great to hear how you get on and if you have any further questions please let us know,