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Developed by physiotherapists. EXi will help support you on your physical activity journey. The award-winning, NHS approved app curates a physical activity plan for you, based on your current health status. Where you’re at in your health journey is where EXi starts. Your plan will be set at the appropriate level and graduated over 12 weeks. If you have any combination of 23 chronic conditions, your plan will be adjusted accordingly.

EXi asks for your health status and physical activity habits and builds a daily activity plan for you. EXi gently increases your personalised activities and intensity at your pace, based on the latest science.

Weekly goals start at just 3 sessions of 10 minutes of low intensity activity per week. You will have access to EXi's library of physical activity and workouts set at the appropriate intensity level, or you can use EXi to log your own activities (EXi recommends a health device, such as an Apple Watch in order to understand your intensity levels even better). Research shows even the smallest amount of physical activity, set at the right intensity, can make a huge difference to our health.

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