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Hello I have a 6 year old daughter not far off 7 and I'm wondering what I can mix her movical with as she point blank refuses to take it and I need to do the disimpaction which involves a awful lot as most of you probably already know. I'm going to try to do it with J20 as she loves them but she has also mentioned lemonade/coke which I know is not ideal but I need her to take it, oh and also a cup of tea she has mentioned. I'm not sure of it will still work with these things so any help will be appreciated 🙏 I'm going to try J20 first off. Oh and just to add she also has gagged and been sick before with it so I really need the taste if the medicine hidden as much as possible with her having to have so much of it. Thank you again.

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As long as you mix of up with the correct amount of water first you can add it to anything else afterwards. Some people find putting it into the fridge making it nice and cold more palatable.

Thank you

Could you try the chocolate flavoured one? My son did gagging at first but we preserved and currently on 12 sachets of it a day and he's managing well. I tried it and it's quite nice! When the dr gave us a packet of plain by accident we added a scoop of hot choc powder. (You can't put the hot choc powder straight in you have to dilute it in a dribble of hot water first so it mixes with the movicol solution if that makes sense.) Also watching the Eric videos helped him understand how important it was to do.

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Yeah she has tried chocolate flavour was gagging and being sick on that too! She just doesn't seem to be able to handle it, there must be something else that can be done i have emailed ERIC again asking as this is just not going to work for her we have tried so many times with the 2 flavours (plain + chocolate) just never works she had it in hot choc today and said mm it tastes nice just tastes like a normal hot choc but then she ended up gagging saying ugh its horrible. I see it as if she is sick and that its pointless as coming straight back up and causing her alot of distress in the mean time.

Hi - I mix it with enough hot water to dissolve it and I’ve added it to milk, hot chocolate, milkshake, cordial, smoothies. My daughter especially loves it mixed with fruit juice. Morrison’s do a really good range of different juices and my daughter loves picking her own flavours/colours to try each week. I don’t usually add more than 3 sachets per drink as she can really taste it otherwise. She did ok with 12 sachets a day and we’ve now weaned down to 2. She has them in the morning mixed with juice alongside her breakfast.

Hope that helps


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Thank you Lisa! Didn't realise you could mix it with hot water! Its definitely helpful having all these ideas to try.

The way we suceeded was to use the plain movicol and put summer fruits squash with it. You can put it in the fridge. Sometimes that helps. You can put it in soup. If you are on a discamaction programme you can give her a couple of sachets at a time put she will have to try and drink it more often. The idea of having lots of sachets in one go didnt help my son.

Lewhm in reply to Frustratedmum1

Soup! Great idea, hadn’t thought of that

I was wondering that so like if we manage to hit the 10-12 day can she have 2 at a time so will only have to have it 5-6 times a day?

My daughter is 12 and the same. I tried it and gagged myself, so can sympathise, the taste is awful as well as the texture (she is on the adult version as the sachets didn’t work)

At the moment we are using Pepsi Max (as it’s supposed to be sugar free) and Summer Fruits squash mixed with Fizzy water. We were using yogurt drinks, but she has gone off of them.

After reading this thread we will try hot chocolate and soup.

Hope you find something that works

MelWilks16 in reply to Lewhm

Thank you! All these comments is so helpful! :)

My son has been of movicol for nealy 12 months. At his worse he was on 12 sachets of movicol and 20ml of sodium piculate and had no sensation. I thought there was no hope at one stage but we are moving in the right direction. So there is hope. Ibwish your daughter all the best and it is hard to see them suffer.

Thank you so much! Im glad your son is moving in the right direction xx

Hi as long as its mixed with the correct amount of water first then you can add anything after that. We use vimto.

MelWilks16 in reply to Bagpus27

Fab thank you! We are trying it again today where it has been in the fridge!

I used Fanta for my daughter age 10 . I used about 2/3 rd of a bottle of Fanta . I would mix a large jug of 12 sachets with the required water and store in the fridge . Then every few hours she would have done of it mixed with the Fanta and a splash of ribena which made a nice rainbow effect !Apple juice and lemonade is also quite good but the very strong fizzy Fanta was the best for us !

Good luck !

She is now on 15 ml of liquid Parrafin a day which is keeping her very regular ... but still not totally dry at night . She did three weeks dry after our summer disimpaction.

Amber-Leigh is 6 not far from 7 and she won't habe 2 sachets at a time let alone 12 lol we are on day 4 so she had 10 today! She's doing really well and so proud of her!

Ahh she is doing well . It is not pleasant for them , or you . Crossing everything that you will achieve the disimpaction ( brown water with bits in for three days) and then very very slowly reduce the dose . Feeding sweet corn is also a good indicator ....see how long it takes to move through the system.Good luck !😊

This is a bit of a weird one but it works for me and I can’t drink movicol normally as it makes me gag, but I make it as directed then add a bit of fruit juice, orange/apple etc to taste and then drink it really quickly using one of those tiny straws you get on single serve juice boxes, the really thin ones. It’s random but it works for both me and my son, I will race him to see who can drink it first (unfortunately he gets his iron guts from me, but you can just have the same amount of fluid). I think it works because it’s directed right to the back of your throat and doesn’t go near tastebuds so you don’t feel the slimy texture. As I said, really random but may be worth a try xx

She is smashing it atm! She is on day 5 now 1st day of 12 sachets! X

That’s brilliant news, she’s braver than me! You must be so proud of her, fingers crossed for you both that it helps xx

I really am so proud she was so dead against having it and really wouldn't have it but she has smashed it now xx

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