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Incontinence pads and children's panty liners


My 5 year old has been diagnosed with overactive bladder she's having several accidents at school and her classmates have started to notice and it's getting her down the school counsellor has said about getting some pantyliners for her so it's not as bad if she has an accident but don't really know no what to get or where to look was hoping for the reusable ones with a nice pattern on it. Has anyone got any advice and know where to get them from or if they're any good I've tried searching but it just comes up with period products

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I don't know of any washable bladder pads specifically for girls, upsy daisy do a range of padded knickers that could work.Or something like this?

I don't know how bulky that would be compared to a disposable pad like a tena lady extra, and you would need to buy a dozen of them.

How often are her accidents?

At school she have 2 or 3 a day she gets through her clothes with no drink at school

You should try her with tena lady pads or similar and see how she gets on, the highest absorbency ones like extra plus and maxi should keep her feeling dry all day even if she is having a few accidents.She should be drinking plenty of water at school, not drinking could be making things worse.

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Sorry, little add on,Is your daughter dry and accident free at home?

It's only at school she is having accidents, feel free to talk to me in the chats xx

I handle it a lot better at home and try and get to her to the toilet as best as I can she only normally has the odd accident at home she has been diagnosed with overactive bladder

I know I'm having trouble with the school they dont really care almost ever day her bottle comes back empty and had at a bag of wet clothes.

I've put her in a normal body form pad today and had a talk with her about getting pads thought I'd let her get used to the feeling down there while she's at home during the Christmas break so she fully understands and knows what to do when she goes back to school in January.

Hiya, my 7 year old wears panty liners some times at school. She isn't wetting as often as your daughter and these seem to do the job of 'mopping up' little accidents but I think you'd need something more substantial for the larger accidents? I wonder if the reusable pads like you find for periods might be too large? I think some do have various sizes etc but perhaps that would affect their absorbency?

I know you can get reusable and disposable pads in differnt sizes some even for incontinence but dont really know what's suitable for a 6ish year old to catch wee that's not to bulky. Am hopping for a reusable so she dont have to have anything to throw away at school

How much wee is normal for one of her accidents?Just wet knickers or everything from the waist down?

Remember if you go reusable she would be carrying a wet pad in her bag all day after an accident, and the spares would be much bulkier.

Disposable is convenient because the pads can fit in a pocket and can be popped in the bin when there wet.

Hope she gets on ok today with her liner in, but definitely try and get her something like always discreet or tena lady next time your at the shops, period pads and liners will only absorb a thimble of wee, the ones for bladder leaks are far better.

I will pm you if that's ok


Drynite from Asda tesco boots. They were cheaper if your have a tesco club card. They are really safe. I foster 2 children, another foster buddy said she puts normal packs over the top

Drynights dont do them anymore only nappies and bed mats not underwear pads

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