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Very frustrated

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Hi i am a mum to a 21 year severely autistic son who is has an impaction. I have been doing the 8 laxidos a day within 6 hours for 3 days now and nothing but brown water and grit has been coming out. I have contacted Dr's who have told me he has to keep going with the 8 laxidos it's has been 5 days now since impation and he has already had 2 suppositories from a district nurse but it is too far up to come down.He is getting so bloated.How do i keep going with this?. He is eating fibre well he has veg everyday with some fruit , wholemeal bread, chicken, natural yogurt. Feels like i am doing something wrong here as it is taking so long. thank you

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You aren’t doing anything wrong at all. If he’s 21 I’m guessing he is on the adult movicol which is double the size of the paediatric sachet. If it’s not working I would go straight back to the GP. You may be able to up the movicol a bit or add in Senna or both. Its really important to rid the impaction as it can cause long term problems (we have found to our cost) let us know if you have any progress X

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