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Update on wetting ( from several months ago)

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An update on my daughters wetting.

We tried oxybutynin which didn’t help.

We’ve since had an appointment where she wees on a uriflow toilet ( i think that’s the name!) and it confirmed that her flow is start-stop-start-stop) we’ve noticed that. She has overactive bladder but also a sphincter problem.

She’s been offered a PTNS treatment where they stimulate nerves with electrical impulses I think?! She’s waiting for that.

We are relieved we know it’s definitely not her fault! Her urge to wee is very sudden and it’s hard for her to get there unless the toilet is very close.

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How did u get the flow thing please ? Thanks

Really pleased to hear you have some more information and a treatment plan. Is the PTNS the tens machine? Where’s the sphincter problem? The one in the bladder? I remember reading that an OB can make these thicken as they try to respond to the bladder twitching so maybe this will get better if the OB can get under control. Sorry - lots of questions, just interested!!

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