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Is cows milk causing constipation?

Like a lot of you here we have been battling chronic constipation for years now. My son started around 6 months and is now 4.5yrs. We have had a lot of success with Movicol and have had good maintenance on 1 1/2 sachets per day.

He no longer withholds, has a good toilet routine but every time I cut down the Movicol (to 1 sachet per day) his stools become too hard and cause a back up.

I want to get to the cause of the constipation and have read a few studies suggesting that it may be down to a milk protein allergy. Thought I might try cutting out his milk but not sure to cut out all products including cheese, yoghurts etc.

Has any one had experience in this?

Also, he loves milk! He prob drinks too much but I don’t restrict it as like to encourage his fluid intake. Would soya milk be a good alternative?

Thanks x

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My son has suffered from severe constipation for two years now. We have yet to find the elusive maintenance dose but things are more encouraging than they have been and we are under a paediatrician and a specialist team of nurses. Since the end of November we have been using a dairy free diet and have noticed a real difference. He’s taken to soya alternatives well and Tesco’s especially has a wide ‘free from’ range so most things I have been able to find a dairy free alternative for. Our doctors suggested initially cutting out 75-80% of dairy as if there is an intolerance, you’d notice a difference with that and then you can decide whether to go the whole hog or not. Alix x

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I also have the suspicion that cow's milk is a factor. Our little ones are 2, the one with on movicol LOVES milk. We've since cut down on cow's milk and gone back to age appropriate formula feeds and he has been better, only used movicol once instead of a daily dose but have had daily poos since then. I obviously have no solid proof but a diet with less cows milk, so far so good...

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