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Toddler diarrhoea

I thought my 5 year old wetting was a problem!!!

Now I have a two year old with suspected toddler diarrhoea. It’s crazy. This morning it’s been 9:30, 11:00, 11:48 so far. Monday 9 times. It’s not a bug. The info the doctor gave me says this can go on til they’re 5?! How does a kid go to school having diarrhoea in their pants several times a day?

Still have 5 year old who is being refused oxybyutinin and coming home very sore daily. Last night wetting four times from 3:30 til 7pm.

And now a 2 year old with diarrhoea up to 9 times a day.

Literally my life is now poo and wee!!! Just tried to take little one to park. We left house as soon as id cleared up the 11am poo then diarrhoea in the park by 11:48.

Give me the 5 year old wetting all day over toddler diarrhoea any Day!!!

Fed up.

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Ironically the 2 year old is now completely dry and taking herself for a wee! So that’s one positive! She’s not got overactive bladder like her sister! Just poos all day.


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