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How to handle refusal to clean up when soiled and refusal to try on toilet

M son is 9 long story short is on movicol and soils almost daily haven't yet managed to do disempaction with success. He doesn't seem to mind when he has soiled himself and gets very distressed when asked to shower or try ffor a poo to the point where he is now getting violent/ sulky/ crying and stubbornly refusing to comply, so hard to handle -any advice gratefully received - so worried about his emotional wellbeing and self esteem with this. As a family it is pushing us to the limits. I blame myself and know I don't always handle it well.

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Hi there. Our daughter s nearly nine and we have been dealing with this for six years ,with similar issues. Recently things had got very bad again and eventually we did a disimpaction, haven't done one for years. It has worked and should have done it before. She is now on 2 sachets a day maintenance. Accidents are far fewer but things are far from perfect. Still reluctant to go willingly. I'm afraid I don't have any answers really, just loads of empathy. Take care X


Similar age and sounds like us 6 months ago. I phoned the ERIC helpline and things have been so much better for us since. Have you spoken to them re your little one? I really did find their advice great. The cleaning up has got better here as time has gone on - I think they can just become used to the smell and the feeling of soiling - it can become their normal. Have you tried screen time for toilet time? 9 minutes of tablet time 20 mins after meals sitting on the toilet. It may not be something you would try but was one of the suggestions we got from Eric.

Big hugs to you xxx


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